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United Flags is your global one stop shop. From product selection, order processing, customization, cargo export, international documentation to installation, we’re here to serve you. Whether you’re looking to outfit your home with a single piece of equipment, a health club with state of the art commercial gym equipment, or need a U.S.A based wholesale distributor, we have you covered. Having trouble finding something on our site or in our warehouse? No problem! We work closely with distributors all over the U.S.A and can accommodate almost any request. Our international representatives are available to answer any questions and assist with any questions you may have. Our number one priority is to make your purchase comfortable, effortless and affordable.

With just 5 simple steps, makes the order process as easy as 1, 2,….5

1. Meet your personalized international sales representative to discuss how we can help you achieve your present and future fitness goals.
2. Customize product layout and equipment.
3. Set a target date for order completion.
4. Inspect your product and approve for finalization and shipment.
5. Accept our gratitude for developing a mutually beneficial relationship and earning your continued business for years to come.

Cargo crane and ship

It’s that simple! Upon completion of your order you are welcome to visit our facility to view your equipment, or you may request photos from us prior to shipping. Once you confirm that we have exceeded your expectations, we will schedule your export. Are you new to the export process? makes the shipping process cost effective and hassle free. If you are purchasing multiple pieces of equipment, we recommend cargo container export. If you are purchasing less than a container worth, we can help with air or ocean cargo transportation. When packaging a container, each container is professionally and strategically loaded in an effort to maximize space, as well as provide savings on your “price per piece” shipping costs. When shipping single items, we will build and enclose your product in a custom crate to ensure it arrives protected and in the same condition it left from our U.SA warehouse. We provide competitive rates to ensure affordable shipping costs. We also take care of all export documentation! Front door delivery and installation is also available in limited areas

Two Business Men Shaking Hands And A Blue Cartography Of The World is here for you! We look forward to another satisfied international relationship and will do our best to achieve 100% satisfaction. Our intent is to continue to provide unparalleled customer service and worldwide support. We are available by email 24 hours daily and by phone through our customer service representatives or voice messaging system. Please contact us 1(866)497-0494,  1(203)518-9977 or email us at if you have any questions or need assistance.


Thank you for choosing as your international fitness provider.

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