Star Trac Pro 6430 Recumbent Bike

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The Star Trac™ Pro 6430 HR recumbent has been one of the best received recumbent bikes since its introduction! Imagine being able to pedal as hard and as fast as you want, while the Star Trac™ Pro 6430 HR remains quiet and sturdy, without the slightest side to side movement. The Star Trac™ Pro 6430 HR Recumbent takes stationary biking to a whole new level with approachable, comfort-driven features like its walk-through design, adjustable reading station, armrests to help alleviate tension in the shoulders, and a wrap-around seat adjust for simple position changes. It is made from aluminum, which means it simply will never rust. It has heart rate monitoring capabilities using a Polar® chest strap or a grip pulse so you’ll be able to monitor your heart rate every minute of your work out. The one piece crank with sealed bearings means you’ll enjoy smooth and quiet workouts every time. The structural integrity of this recumbent bike is without peer. An extra-heavy-duty flywheel, along with a premium control center, with all of the latest technology, it is impossible to find leaks in this well crafted, carefully designed bike. Multipe levels of resistance, along with various motivational exercise programs, and a resilient frame, all come together, culminating in the creation one of the most popular, gym quality exercise bike, long found in health and fitness centers throughout the country. Dependability and a smooth ride will accompany you on the Star Trac™ Pro 6430 HR ‘Certified Remanufactured’ Recumbent , no matter how hard or intense your workout! And our bikes have been remanufactured by factory certified technicians to look and perform just like new, but at only a small fraction of the original cost. You owe it to yourself! Come on, take a ride ride on the best!

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