Who is usedfitnesssales.com?

usedfitnesssales.com is a domestic and international outfitter of recycled fitness equipment located in Waterbury, CT. With 15 years of experience, a warehouse with over 10,000 square feet of inventory and countless satisfied customers around the world, we are recognized as one of the industry’s leading worldwide companies in sales and service. Our knowledge, experience, reliability, honest reputation, quality craftsmanship, tremendous attention to detail and personalized service sets us apart from our competition. We outfit domestic and international residences, health clubs, hotels and fitness suppliers with some of the most recognized brands in the fitness industry. We are committed and dedicated to each individual as we continue to strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Expert Advice

The most important aspect of your fitness equipment selection is you – your needs and goals. Getting expert advice about what is best for you is critical, especially if you have little to moderate experience with exercise and the various equipment options that are currently available. Giving expert advice is what sets usedfitnesssales.com apart. We will take the necessary time to get to know about you, your exercise history, your personal health and most important, your health and fitness goals. Based on this feedback, we will work with you to develop the most appropriate fitness equipment package to help you achieve your goals. We offer various product conditions and options to fit your budget as well as your specific needs. Call us or email us today!


Never refuse to reuse!

Recycling helps extend the life and usefulness of something that has already served its initial purpose by producing something that is useable. Recycling has a lot of benefits and importance not only to us humans but especially to our planet.


Save your hard earned money

Why buy new? Purchasing recycled fitness equipment allows our customers to save up to 70% off retail prices by purchasing used equipment. Save thousands of dollars versus purchasing new while still maintaining peace of mind and being backed by one of the best companies in the fitness industry. Here at usedfitnesssales.com, our goal is to provide top level quality fitness equipment at affordable prices. Why buy new when you can have the same thing for less?


Product Customization

Tell us what you want and we will build it for you. Would you like your treadmills painted hot pink? No problem. Need your upholstery to match what you currently have in your healthclub? Done. Looking for a weekend project to save extra money? We can help. While our equipment is not brand new, each piece we sell is carefully inspected, tested, repaired, cleaned and sanitized before leaving our warehouse. We offer 3 main quality categories. “As is/working order”, “Refurbished”, and “Remanufactured”. We respect and understand that each customer opinion and expectation of what used equipment is varies and we strongly recommend contacting us to help you decide which “quality category” will best fit your needs and meet your expectations with No Surprises. If you have any questions about us or your purchase please contact us and let our professional staff assist you. Please visit our customer testimonials section of our website to view some of our customer feedback. Thank you for the opportunity and taking the time to consider UsedFitnessSales.com for your fitness equipment needs!


Customer Service

We care about you! PERIOD! At usedfitnesssales.com, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Without you, we cannot succeed. Your referral and complete satisfaction is much more important to us then a onetime investment with our company or in our product. Building and maintaining a positive relationship with each and every client is just as important as providing products. If you are a customer of usedfitnesssales.com, you receive lifetime technical support to assist you with any and all of your fitness needs or questions. This is a testament that each usedfitnesssales.com customer is an integral part of our own success.

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