Regardless how young we try to stay with mental health it is equally important to keep our bones strong, agility flexible, weight down and our blood pressure at a healthy number with daily exercise routines to keep our minds and body healthy with a wellness and healthy fitness routine from home.

As we age and we all do unfortunately all of us should pay more attention to keep our minds and body fit. Having confidence with our control on our body movements and balance through regular exercise routines will become a lifestyle changer for most seniors.

Because we have lifestyle responsibilities that can keep us from visiting a gym seniors can now create a routine daily workout schedule that will fit any seniors schedule by either designing a workout home gym or using a space for a single piece home use fitness machine such as a cardio bike, treadmill or elliptical machine.

The bottom line is that any great quality commercial grade fitness equipment machine such as an elliptical or treadmill may provide seniors with great health and fitness benefits such as:

• Improving flexibility
• Strengthening muscles
• Increase in a wider range of body movements
• Weight management
• Toner body
• Lower blood pressure
• Reduce stress
• Reduce anxiety
• Increase confidence
• Better balance
• Look younger with tighter and healthier looking skin
• Best of all, ability to wear your favorite clothes from back in the day … LOL …

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