In today’s economy of tightened lending requirements, low real estate inventory and repeated media suggestions of a recession, we are seeing a global downturn in the startup of new health clubs and fitness centers. Even corporate athletic centers have dropped off due to smaller budgets, layoffs and the like. As a result, it is no huge surprise that we have seen an increase in demand for used fitness equipment.

Truth is, regardless of any economy crisis, fitness equipment is going to break and wear out after repeated and continuous use. The fitness center will have to replace it with new equipment to maintain the facility. The need has arisen for alternative options to fulfill the obligations of the facility as well as the demands of the pandemic created population of home gym users while still remaining within the confines of limited budgets.

The alternative has been used gym equipment also know as pre-owned, refurbished, reconditioned fitness equipment. The time could not be better for these operations to find good selections because many health club facilities are closing up as unprofitable, defaulting on leased equipment that is repossessed and corporate gyms that are downsizing or combining several gyms into one gym housed at one corporate location.

Used gym equipment is an excellent choice for residential facilities, personal trainer gyms, corporate or retirement heath club facilities and even individuals looking for higher quality cardio or strength equipment for a high-end home gym.

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