Trixter XDream Indoor Cycling Bike



The Xdream is the first indoor fitness product that accurately simulates the experience of riding outdoors. Real feel gears, brakes, handlebars, pedal, cranks and seat sensors enable each move the rider makes to be accurately portrayed within the experience. The bikes resistance accurately depicts the terrain gradients, track surfaces and conditions. Attached to the front of the bike is a enclosed Dell PC running all the software to provide the immersive environments which is connected to a 17 inch monitor with an under-slung speaker unit, which falls naturally into the eyeline of the rider. There are 4 different terrains to test your riding ability and endurance. There’s Parkland, Semi Arid, Desert and Highlands. When you get to the advanced and pro levels your bike choice makes a real difference in terms of handling. Each of the 4 terrains has different tracks with increasing difficulty. You start on the Green trails then move to the Blue, Red, Black and then the toughest White trails. You must complete these trails in beginner mode in order to move on to intermediate, advanced and then Pro levels.

Warranty Info
Refurbished: All refurbished products carry a 6 month mechanical parts and labor warranty unless specified differently in the advertisement.
Remanufactured: All certified remanufactured products include a 1 year mechanical parts and labor warranty unless specified differently in the advertisement.

Allow 1-3 weeks lead time for Refurbished or 3-6 weeks for Remanufactured.

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Key Features:

Steer Sensing, Seat sensing, cadence sensing, crank position and direction sensing
14 kg flywheel
Brake levers and gear controls
PC compatibility, inbuilt control panel
7 Position Adjustable X bars
Water bottle bracket
Quiet belt drive system
Electronically controlled resistance
Product in Inches (L x W x H): 64 x 29 x 66

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Refurbished, Remanufactured