Woodway Desmo 4Front (Remanufactured by Woodway)


The Woodway  Treadmill is the ultimate commercial treadmill and will distinguish your facility from the competition. Your members will appreciate the smooth and comfortable running surface and you will appreciate the most durable treadmill on the market, saving you money in the long run. The patented running surface is unlike any other and it will save joints and connective tissues in the knees and ankles. The running surface also provides ample space for users and best of all there is no hood, your members can utilize the full running surface with a totally natural gait pattern.

Allow 1-3 weeks lead time for Refurbished or 3-6 weeks for Remanufactured.


Woodway Desmo treadmills under 200 miles remanufactured by Woodway with genuine Woodway parts. These machines have new 4 Front belts, drive belts, bearings, covers, buttons and consoles